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7 best way to learn English fast:-----

As we all know English language is one of the best and important language in this world. If you want to make impression on others you should speak English, if you want to get a job you have to speak English, if you want to impress girls you should try to speak in English. So English is must for today's life. You will face problems in your life if you don't know English. So don't think more about it. There are some important topic where you can learn English very fast.

1. Read newspaper:-----
                      This is one of the best way where you can learn english fast and this is
is the fact if you make your habit to read English newspaper daily you will definitely improve your
English. You should give 15 to 20 mint daily to read newspaper. You should not read full newspaper
you just read one or two topic daily. If you like sports then read sports news or if you like movies
then read just about movies page or if you like politics then read about politics. So this thing or
idea will improve your English

2. Improve your vocabolory:-----
                                                        Without English words you can't speak English. So Learn almost 20 words daily of English. Make your vocabulary good Vocabulary is a platform for lifelong learning, growing with you every step of the way. As you improve, the words that you learn will become more and more advanced. And, with our easy-to-use progress-monitoring tools, you can always look back to see how far you’ve come.Make a dairy or a notebook. You have to add all words of English in this dairy and add more than 20 words daily after that you will feel good about English or you will have more English words because when you will try to speak English you will have words to speak. Then try it. Its a good idea.

3. Watch English movies:-----
                               watching English movies daily is one the best way to improve your
English daily. If you watch English movie daily you will learn English very fast. After watching
a English movie you will feel comfortable to speak English front of others so you should try to
watch English movie and you will get more English words in the movie and your vocabulary will be
improve very fast. Try to watch almost one English movie daily.

4. Talk to in English:-----
                         Make your habit to speak in English because this will give you more
confidence, more knowledge, and more English sentences if you don't try to speak in English you
can't learn English never and never, so this is also a good point and a good way where you will
feel comfortable to learn English very fast.

5. Reading:-----
                If you are a good reader of books this point is just for you. Books are the best friends
for every one they never give you deceive in your life. Make your habit to read books daily. Read almost one book in a week.

6  chat in English:-----
                        Chating is the best way to improve your English yes in today's world
internet is finest thing and place to learn everything. There are lots of application and sites
where you can chat in English they are also free. You can chat on that app with anyone after using
this app you will feel good and comfortable. You can also chat with foreigner on that app.

7. call customer care:-----
                             This is one the funny and best way to learn English fast. If you want to
complain to customer care about your sim problem then you have to choose two languages Hindi and English so you should try to speak in English with them this is the good way you should try and this habit make your confidence increase.

So there are some topics where you will learn English very fast and very easy.
Try this things.


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