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How to make resume:-----

As we all know before facing interview we need a powerful resume. A resume can make your chance of selection and rejection also. If your resume is strong and powerful you can get a job definitively.  But we don't know how to make a good resume. There are some example of resume. 

1. you need not put a name of curriculum vitae on the top because everyone know that this is your resume. So you can hide this thing. 

2. Start resume with your name, dob, place where you live, your full address with pin code and last one is your name and e-mail id.

3. third one is your career objective. It means what you want to do or whats your goals or target. So you can write your career objective also because interviewer also want to know about your goals or targets.

4. Write your education in the next step. Your education will tell about your knowledge or what did you learn in your life.
So add your full education in brief but start your education with highest one like if your last class was graduation, then 12th and 10th so like that.

5.  If you have experience of any organisation, you can add your experience also but you don't have you need not add any experience.

6. Next one is your responsibility it means what did you do in your previous organisation write your responsibility or you can say what was your work there. You can add five or six points in your responsibility.

7. Write your strength also. Everyone have lots of strength like responsible, punctual, hard working these strength are common you can add these type of strength.

8. Last one is personal details. It means hobbies, language known, gender, marital status like that. 

check this example of resume you can make a resume like that.

                               CURRICULAM  VITAE

your name
date of birth\ place


Pin no. 


To work in an Organization where I can enhance my knowledge and skills and make use of those to add value to the organization so that my performance makes the benchmark for the others.

Year / Session
Board / University



                 Skills acquired


        Positive attitude
        Quick learning skill
        Responsible and Optimistic
       Punctual and hardworking

       Hobbies                                    :                   
      Marital status                            :                   
      Language known                       :                   
      Gender                                    :                   Male\Female    
       Nationality                              :                  

DATE ………….
PLACE ………..    
YOUR NAME                                                                                                                      

So this is the example of a resume you can make a resume like that. This resume will help you in your interview.


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